ABOUT Patrick Valentini and his team

we have years of experience in graphic design, social media & web design

We are your professional partner for graphic design, social media marketing, websites and webshop systems. Contact with our customers is our top priority. With us, you don't have to wait long - direct and personal contact is very important to us. We try to respond to your questions as quickly as possible to enable a fast and effective cooperation.

Only together can you achieve the best solutions. That is why short distances and personal contact are very important to us.

The fascination around web & software development is the driving force behind Patrick Valentini and his team. We look forward to successfully implementing your project.

No! We don't do it that way because that's just how it's done. We always try to find the best and not the most convenient solution for your request.

Keep It Simple, Stupid. We see it as our task to find simple solutions for complex projects.

Who's behind it?

Patrick Valentini - Managing Director and Owner

Who's Patrick Valentini?

As one of the top experts for social media such as Facebook and Instagram, he has managed with his different way to use Facebook and Instagram optimally, to outsmart the algorithms of both portals through his excellent skills in the field of software programming and thus to be very successful on both platforms. Through this sophisticated technique, he generated over 260,000 followers in the social media world with his accounts and is thus one of the most influential influencers in the German-speaking world. Unlike other influencers, the Tyrolean native nevertheless has the talent to keep his private life rather covered online. The only thing known about him is that he is originally from Kufstein (Austria, Tyrol) and currently lives in the beautiful alpine town of Kitzbühel.

© Patrick Valentini

Professionally, one inquires significantly more about him. Best-selling author, together with his former business partner and good friend Dennis Loos, of the book "Instaguru", owner of PVALENTINI INC, co-founder of Dennis Loos Coaching & Consulting GmbH, social media coach and excellent speaker.

Why is he the best mentor?

It is important to Patrick Valentini that his clients also achieve the best possible success. With his understanding for a wide variety of problems and needs, he manages to steer companies onto the "right" path.

With his many years of experience, he has developed, together with his partner Dennis Loos, an online course to better train companies in dealing with social media, so that they do not fall into the trap and their social media profiles do not become "advertising media" profiles. With the combination of online course, personal coaching and Whatsapp support, he offers the optimal all-round service for every company.

Awards:Patrick Valentini was awarded top expert in social media in the DA-CH region, ERFOLG Magazine in 2020, highlighted on Radio WELLE 1 Tirol and several times in Digital Journal.